Repairs To Consider Before Selling Your Home

Dated: 09/13/2019

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Here are some common repairs to consider before negotiating a sale:

•  Fogged windows - Fogged windows are a result of moisture buildup in between panes where the seal has failed. Though functional, foggy windows look dirty and the fact that they failed means they are no longer as energy efficient as they once were.  Consider repairing or replacing fogged panes as needed, you're buyer will be calculating the cost of replacement. 

•  Leaking jet tubs/faucets/showers - Check jet tub systems, faucets and shower fixtures for leaks prior to listing your home to ensure no plumbing issues surprise you during a home inspection.  

 •  Rotting wood on exterior trim -  Splitting or rotting boards on the exterior of your home can make it look shabby.  Rotting wood can also indicate wood destroying insects can be present. Consider replacing, caulking and painting them to refresh your home’s appearance. 

 •  Split or missing roof shingles - Buyers tend to shy away from roofs that need repairing. Consider the level of repair,cost, market conditions, comparable sales and how quickly you want to sell before making a repair decision.  In many cases a credit given to the buyer might be necessary.

 •  Loose hand or deck rails - Buyers can pay a lot of attention to hand rails, so bypassing this safety issue may result in a lost offer. Fixing wobbly rails ensures safety and satisfies a sharp-eyed buyer. 

 •  HVAC units - HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning.  These units are a big concern if they’re not working, as they’re expensive to replace. Consider having the unit cleaned and serviced. At a minimum, change the air filter and make sure the unit is operating properly.

•  LighImage titlet bulbs - Home inspectors have written “see licensed electrician” in their reports solely due to bulbs missing or not working. To avoid the impression that there may be a major electrical issue with your home, simply change your burned-out light bulbs. Also, be sure to use bulbs with the correct wattage.

•  Dirty spaces - Even if repairing, replacing or repainting is too costly, make sure you clean walls, floors, carpets, bathtubs,showers, kitchens and driveways to make your home look clean and ready to sell.  Pay special attention to areas around light switches & outlets.  

Any maintenance and repairs you do before you begin showing your property will help it show better and avoid showing up on the inspection report.


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Repairs To Consider Before Selling Your Home

Here are some common repairs to consider before negotiating a sale:•  Fogged windows - Fogged windows are a result of moisture buildup in between panes where the seal has failed.

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